Pixelhue Q8 Seamless Switcher



The Q8 presentation switcher offers incredible real-time 4K video processing power. It comes with at most 72x 4K input connectors and 48x 4K output connectors, supporting up to 48x 4K concurrent inputs and 16x 4K concurrent outputs. A maximum of 32x 4K mixing layers (true seamless transitions) in switcher mode or 64x 4K single layers in PGM only mode are supported.

Additionally, multiple different connectors (DP 1.2+HDMI 2.0+12G-SDI) are designed on each input or output card and the Q8 has the 8K video processing capability, allowing you to design and manage all live events
easily and economically. Thanks to the *VPU-based architecture, double quantity of layers can be added on one output card and you will never worry about not enough layers.

In addition to the ability of outputting content from the 4K connectors, the Q8 presentation switcher is also capable of transmitting signals to the LED controllers from NovaStar over a long distance (up to 10 km with single-mode optical fiber) without fiber converters. This method not only ensures the signal stability but also lowers the transmission cost, making it a perfect fit for long-distance signal transmission.

The Q8 is very easy to operate and supports flexible control options. It can be controlled via the versatile event controller U5/U5 Pro and all-new event management software PixelFlow, satisfying most control needs. You can use either of the control methods to realize various operations, such as preset related operations, blackout, freeze, and PVW to PGM operations. This makes onsite control and operations a breeze.

The Q8 works with the new PixelFlow, which has fully upgraded architecture, graphical user interface, interaction and ease of use designs. The new architecture enables the software to run 24/7 stably. The visualized user interface is adaptive to different screens of event controllers and computer, and the software allows you to change the skins of event controller buttons with one click, giving you a great look and feel. What’s more, the event controller encoders and faders can control the software parameters, making operations smoother. With distinct function areas, hover menus and almost all the functions required in an event, the software guides you from beginning to end of any events with as little complex operation as possible.

The Q8 presentation switcher supports full-link backup, from input source backup to device backup and power backup, to safeguard your live events. Once the input source is not stable or disappears, it will be switched to the backup source seamlessly. When the primary device fails, the backup device will take over the work immediately to ensure uninterrupted operation. Switching from the primary to backup input source or device with no downtime makes the solution highly reliable and worry-free.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in