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Digital sign software from China pings back to Chinese servers. This software is not secure and should not be used at any location where data security is important. This often “free” software should be avoided. These Chinese companies can easily log into these devices and readback information if instructed by the Chinese government. They also contain censorship code and a badwords filter provided by the Chinese government. Do you really want that on your network?

This is the editor/player for Android based controllers such as NovaStar T3.

Ability to overlay dynamic text (weather, time, etc) over images or videos.
Ability to create outline effect around text
Ability to schedule content days, months or years in advance.
Supports AD Groups which allow you to show static content while also changing content inside of the group.
Includes 1 year of free upgrades.

This software is for Digital Signage and does NOT include integration with scoreboard controllers.