Shenzhen Fine Made FM6124 IC


FM6124 is a driver IC specially designed for LED modules and displays, with 16 channels of constant current output drive capability. FM6124 adopts the patented “output clamp” technology, which can effectively eliminate the dark phenomenon of the first line and prevent damage to the lamp beads. FM6124 adopts an enhanced blanking function design, which has an excellent blanking effect. At the same time, FM6124 has excellent anti-interference characteristics, and the constant current and low ash effects are not affected by the PCB board. Different external resistors can be used to adjust the current of the output stage arbitrarily to precisely control the brightness of the LED. FM6124 will buffer 16bit display data during the display process (falling edge of OE), so the system can continue to store 16bit serial data during the display process of FM6124. Compared with the general constant current source chip, the refresh rate can be increased by more than 50%. FM6124 internally adopts current precision control technology, which can make the inter-chip error less than ±3.5% and the inter-channel error less than ±2%.

Features ➢ 16 equal current output channels ➢ Output current setting range: 0.7~32mA×16@VDD=5V constant current output 0.5~25mA×16@VDD=3.3V constant current output ➢ Current accuracy between channels is not Consistency: ±1.25% (typical value) ±2% (maximum) current non-uniformity between chips: ±2% (typical value) ±3.5% (maximum) ➢ Fast output current response (minimum): 30ns @VDD=5V ➢ I/O Schmitt trigger trigger input ➢ Data transmission frequency: fMAX=30MHz (maximum) ➢ ESD HBM PASS 4KV ➢ Power supply voltage: VDD=3.3~6V ➢ Operating temperature range: Topr=-40~ 85℃ ➢ It has the function of improving lamp bead damage ➢ It has excellent blanking effect ➢ Effectively eliminates the dark, low gray block, low gray color cast and low gray pitting phenomenon of the first line ➢ It has excellent anti-interference ability and Low gray level effect ➢ Improve the caterpillar phenomenon caused by lamp bead damage ➢ Integrated double buffer, refresh rate is higher than general constant current chip by more than 50% ➢ Package form: SSOP-24