Sunmoon SM16259

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SM16259 is a high-brush constant current driver chip with dynamic energy saving using SM-PWM protocol. It has built-in 16K SRAM memory structure, which can store one frame of complete display data, and supports 1~32 scan LED display data storage and display. The SM16259 reduces the data clock frequency and enables high-refresh, high-grayscale display.

It is understood that this series of IC products use sweep frequency multiplication technology, the refresh rate is increased by 2/4/8 times (32 sweep refresh rate up to 4K), built-in column under the shadow elimination, eliminate the LED open “cross” function, solve the first line Dark, progressive dark lines, low gray color cast, low gray pitting, high contrast coupling, cross-board coupling; built-in dynamic energy saving.

High refresh rate, high gray scale

The grayscale data is stored in the SRAM, combined with the external GCLK clock pulse to adjust the LED display, not only makes the display more delicate, the refresh rate and utilization rate are greatly improved, and there is no scan line.