VDWall LVP919 LED Video Processor (4 Output)



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The LVP919 is the latest design and is a modified version of the LVP909. The main function is 4 output stitching and the picture-in-picture (PIP) function that can be realized at the same time. This is currently our latest LED Video Splicer that can do the lowest price of 4 screen stitching with PIP. Audio Synchronization processing is also added to this model.


Faroudja® Real Color®Picture Processing, Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing,Faroudja® TureLife™Video Image Enhancement
8*input, 4 *output, dual image display
4*DVI output, Single output has the resolution up to 1920 x 1200_60Hz
Zoom in synchronously mosaic, single unit maximum mosaic level up to 7680 pixels or vertical 4800 pixels, or 3840×2400 pixels
Multiple analog and digital mixed signals input:2xCVBS、1xVGA、2xHDMI、2xDVI、1xExt
Seamless Switching, Fade In Fade Out Switching
PIP(Picture In Picture), Any PIP display; AIAO(Any In Any Out), any input crop and any output
Multiple output resolutions can be set, flexibly adapting to the size of the LED screen
Can preset multiple user-defined display modes, one button switching between modes
Control modes: panel button, software by RS232/USB/LAN, flexible and convenient
Add 4 channels of HDMI audio (only when DVI, HDMI interface is connected to HDMI signal) and 1 channel of SDI audio, up to 8 channels of audio synchronously switching
24/7 Application, stable and reliable