VDWall VF2000 Multi-Window Video Wall Processor



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  1. Faroudja® Real Color® Picture processing,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing and Faroudja® TureLife™ Video image enhancement

2.Advanced interlaced motion image adaptive processing technology to eliminate video image movement tail and saw-tooth phenomenon

3.Plug-in design for more flexible and convenient hardware maintenance

4.Redundant power supply design, equipment operation more stable and reliable

5.CrossPoint fully cross-high bandwidth video switching technology

6.Support mixed video seamless switching technology, no black screen between image signals switching

7.Whole procedure 60Hz RGB format signal processing and transmission,without reducing image quality and frame rate,perfect image and color reproduction

8.Support functions like input text overlay,input signal remark and etc

9.Support signal sources preview function, support real-time preview of all input signal sources

10.AIAO(Any In Any Out)function,any input crop and any output

11.Using advanced sync-frame splicing technology, high-speed images are completely synchronized without tearing image

12.Support multiple SD、HD、analog and digital input

13.16×CVBS 16×VGA


14.The quantity of supported input signal is up to 64,  the supported function for any input signal includes opening window , roam , scale , free overlay, etc. it can process 32 signals at the same time, and it can display 32 different images at most

15.Maximally 16 preset display modes,switch and select seamlessly

16.Standard VESA DVI output, compatible with mainstream full-color control systems

17.16 DVI outputs, maximum output resolution 1920*1080_60Hz

18.single unit splicing output width up to 20480 pixels or output height up to 9600 pixels

19.Any input signals seamless switching and Fade-in/Fade-out switching

20.Support RS232 serial port, USB and TCP/IP control, open control protocol, easy integration with various control systems

21.PC software is easy to use,  any open window , roam, overlay

22.Backup or Restore the device settings and adjustment data by a PC

23.24/7 Application, stable and reliable