Xixun Y10 Asynchronous Android Controller – 3G/4G/GPS Support


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1) Supports non-linear editing;
2) Video hardware decoding;
3) Supporting PCI-E 3G modem;
4) Embedded WIFI modem;
5) Supports maximum 1280×512 pixels;
6) Supports HDMI audio and video outputs;
7) Fast communicate rate, totally solving the 3G communication bottle-neck, Packet Switched Domain (PS for short) bearer service under WCDMA mode: maximum rate is 384Kbit/s; HSDPA Max 14.4Mbps(DL)/Max 5.76Mbps(UL); UMTS Max 384Kbps;
8) Supports continue transfer from breakpoint, adopting database warehouse management for onboard program so that could reduce dataflow extremely and optimize storage space;
9) Supports direct connection to receiving cards, refresh rate will self adapt to screen resolution, adjust brightness to realize better display effect;
10) Possessing strong software—-web-base multi-media publishing system (AIPS), so that could manage all terminals, edit and publish program.

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