Web Communication Protocol

Communicate with our server using HTTP or HTTPS (make both work).
https://server.cloudled.com/TerminalRequestService.do?content=<package version=”1.01” checksum=”1234”> <terminal mac=”00:40:63:xx:xx” devicetype=”PVPLAYER” platformtype=”WIN32” terminaltype=”MEDIAPLAYER” version=”0.01”> </terminal> </package>

Please use correct checksum otherwise it will not work.  Checksum has a formula.

Android Code

Sometimes the website will send us multiple commands at the same time, it needs to be able to handle this. Each command has a unique ID, you need to keep track of all commands so we can make sure each one is successful, otherwise we will report the error to the server. Please see android code for the command cache log code, it should use SQL to save this data.