SMD vs DIP LED Display

DIP or Dual Inline Plane LEDs are individual Red, Green and Blue diodes that together can make white or any other color. Due to their larger size, DIP LEDs are brighter than SMD.

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Pictures taken at Infocomm 2015 in Orlando
For rental installations, SMD is the clear choice. For fixed installations 10mm – 20mm, DIP is going to be brighter and have a longer lifespan. In the United States, most fixed installation displays are sold with a 5 year warranty. The display is expected to stay color matched and bright during this period. With SMD, the display is less bright from day 1, and only continues to get dimmer over the life of the display.

For DIP displays, the DIP346 found in P10 displays is priced to move. This is a well tested product and the resolution is high enough for most applications. DIP546 is used for special applications such as scoreboards and traffic signs. The standard viewing angle of a DIP LED Display is 110°(H)/60°(V) while an SMD Display is 160°(H)/120°(V) .


Outdoor Fixed: P10, P16, P20 – DIP

Outdoor Fixed: P8, P6.67, P5

Outdoor Rental: SMD

Indoor Rental: SMD

Indoor Fixed: SMD


SMD come in a number of sizes, most notably:



SMD3528 (Regular and Space Black)

SMD2020 (Regular and Space Black)


Space Black is a matte frame that allows for a higher contrast and better effect against the sun.

The numbers represent the package size, so SMD3535 would be 3.5mm x 3.5mm and SMD2727 would be 2.7mm x 2.7mm.


Choose the right SMD. When it comes to SMD’s, there are a lot of choices.

Nationstar (星国光电) Gold Wire

Nationstar (星国光电) Copper Wire

Kinglight (晶台光电)