Software Overview

We have created many programs for various tasks. All of our code is designed to be modular, so we can easily make a new purpose-built project and incorporate the features we need for the target system.

RSSniffer – Used for us to figure out new protocols from undocumented systems. It allows us to ignore repeat data and highlight just the bytes that have changed so we can see which data is being affected when we push a button.

GameDataSender – Connects to a specific protocol and allows the user to output it as a text file for use with OBS Studio or to forward that data to multiple players on the network in JSON format or even send that data in raw format to an external IP for development/troubleshooting purposes.

SportsMapEditor – Reads protocol formats from many popular brands and allows us to connect that data to the value names used in our Designer/Player programs. This allows us to make our 7 segment scoreboards compatible with any controller.

SportsMapPlayer – Lightweight non-graphical program to run our 7 segment boards.

NovaStarDaemon – Runs in the background to monitor the temperature/voltage of all receiving cards and can relay this information back to the Player. It is also used to act as a RS232 forwarder so that the controller connected to the Daemon computer (Raspberry PI) can be accessed by other computers on the network with NovaLCT.

NovaStarInfo – Our program to visually display the temperature/voltage of all the cabinets in the sign and check for communication problems between cabinets and to verify the redundancy is configured correctly.

ScoreApp – Sends JSON data to our player to run many different sports without the need for a dedicated console. Currently it only outputs in our JSON format, but it could be expanded to output in a wireless RS232/RS485 format to be used to control OES/Daktronics/Fair-Play/etc if there is a demand.

Designer – The main application. It is the program used to create the layouts used on the scoreboards or regular signs.

LayoutPlayer – The player that runs on Windows/Linux/Mac/Android and plays the content created in the designer. It is also fully compatible with content sent from our service.

MediaEffects – Simple click to play media program to allow playing videos/images instantly on the LED screen. Different zones allow you to choose if you want to play over the whole screen, or just on a section, leaving the advertisers uncovered.

WirelessTool – Program for configuring/monitoring wireless communication of Xbee and Laird radios used by most scoreboards manufacturers.

GasDaemon – Program for allowing control of the GL_GMAN controllers remotely from our app.

MeetManager – Our program for reading the meet manager database file and sending that data to our player for our swimming video boards. It opens the original database file for Meet Manager and shares a linked database with the real Meet Manager which requires exclusive control of the database file.

NSCommandSender – Sample application for switching inputs of VX4S over the network. Can easily be expanded to support other models.

VDWall – Our program for controlling the VDWall LED video processors over the network. Additionally it can also control a VDWall processor that is connected with a serial cable to a player over the network.