Watchfire LED Sign Cost

How much does a watchfire LED sign cost?

Watchfire signs are sold through dealers, so the price can vary. The price for watchfire signs are very high and then the dealer will add their markup on top of that price.

Should I buy a watchfire LED sign?

Watchfire signs are very high quality, but at twice the price of our signs. If the price doesn’t matter, go ahead and buy the watchfire.

Is watchfire the best?

Watchfire signs are considered one of the best signs, but they’ve recently had problems with the Cree diodes they are using. Here are several articles related to the problems they’ve been having which are estimated to cost watchfire $15.6 million to replace:

Where can I download the watchfire Ignite software?

Please visit our Watchfire Ignite Download page so we can point you in the right direction.