Nationstar has 3 series:
RS (Reestar – High End)
FM (Mid to High End)
NH (Standard)

P6-P10 SMD3535 (Black Shell) / Scan Mode: 1/2 or 1/4
RS-3535MWAR (850/2200/450)
Strength: Whole display brightness > 7000 nit, Low power consumption
Application field: Long-distance areas such as outdoor advertisement, building lighting project, sky screen,
RS-3535MWAP (670/1300/300)
Strength: Cree die, RS encapsulation, Whole display brightness > 5000 nit
Application field: Landmarks project, government project, etc
RS-3535MWAM (520/850/115)
Strength: Whole display brightness > 5000 nit
Application field: Stadium, airport, station, etc
NH-Z3535RGBW-SG (600/1350/280)

P5-P8 SMD2727:

    All Black

RS-2727MBAR (480/810/115)

    Black Shell

RS-2727MWAS (860/1810/300)
FM-Z2727RGBA-SH (470/750/120)
NH-Z2727RGBA-SG (450/680/100)

P3.91 Outdoor:

    All Black (全黑设计)

RS-1921MBAR (320/480/50)
Strength: Whole display brightness ≥4500nit
Application field: High-end rental displays for outdoor stage, stadium and fine pixel pitch displays in airport, hotel, etc.
FM-B1921RGBA-SH (260/405/60)

    Black Shell

FM-Z1921RGBA-SH (450/730/105)
NH-Z1921RGBA-SG (350/620/95)

P2-3 Outdoor
RS-1415MBAP (274/368/49)
Strength: High definition for outdoor P2 application
Application field: Fine pitch pixel application for advertisement, glass display, lamp post display, station display,

P3.91 Indoor

    All Black

RS-2020MBAM (80/200/28)
Strength: Whole display brightness can achieve 2000 nit
Application field: High brightness required places, such as stadium, station, product launch conference, showcase, etc

RS-1515MBAM (55/170/22)
Strength: Greatly improves color reduction by introducing wide color gamut standard products
Application field: High-end rental displays for auto show, product launch conference etc., broadcasting industry, cinema and other professional fields

FM-B2020RGBA-HG (55/150/22)
NH-B2020RGBA-HF (45/160/25)
FM-B1515RGBA-HF (45/145/18)

Fine Pixel Pitch:


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Reestar Catalog: Reestar 2018