Nichia vs Epistar vs Nationstar vs Kinglight

When it comes to LED Displays, there are a lot of options. One very important part of the display is the actual LED. The popular brands are Nichia, Cree, Multicolor, Nationstar, Kinglight, and Epistar. Many companies will tell you they use the Epistar LED. Well, in fact, Epistar does not make a fully encapsulated LED, but rather the chip that it used in encapsulation. There are a number of factories that do encapsulation, and even LED display manufacturers that do their own encapsulation. The factories that do their own encapsulation can better control the quality and know which Epistar chip was used. They are able to offer and honor 5 year warranties on their LEDs.

Cree (USA)
Epistar (Taiwan)

NationStar – Only makes SMD LED
ReeStar Series: 2020, 2528, 2727 and 3535.
Indoor Display Series: B1515, B2020, B3528, and 3528.
Outdoor Display Series: N3535, H5050


Indoor: 2020

Outdoor: 3535

Everlight (Taiwan)

Which one is the best? Well it depends on the application. Nichia makes the highest quality, brightest LEDs on the market, but as a price that is much higher than the rest. For the price different on higher resolution P10 displays, it’s actually cheaper to go with an Epistar chip and replace all the LED modules 2x than to use Nichia.