Chipone ICN2018 / ICND2018 Row Driver

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ICN2018 is a 8-channel power switch for LED display. ICN2018 Integrated 74HC595 (8-bitserial-in, serial parallel-out shift register) and 8 Channel P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET driver.

ICN2018 used for LED display could instead of 1Pcs 74HC138 and 4 Pcs 4953. ICN2018 also integrated Ghosting Reduction, Caterpillar Cancelling and LED Protection circuit.

• Integrated 74HC595 (8-bit serial-in, serial parallel-out shift register)
• 8 Channel P-Channel enhancement mode MOSFET driver
• P-MOSTEF Rds(ON)100 mΩ,Max output current 2.5A
• Ghosting reduction
• Caterpillar removal for LED Short

• LED protection

• Max Power Dissipation <650mW @ VDD=5V & Ivdd=2.5A