Chipone ICN2019 / ICND2019 LED Display Common Cathode Line Driver Chip


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ICND2019 / ICN2019 is a line driver tube specially designed for LED common cathode scanning screen, integrated serial decoding circuit and power NMOS tube

In addition to the SOP16 package, ICND2019 adds a QFN package to meet the needs of ultra-fine pitch. Its internal integrated anti-burning power tube, adjustable potential to eliminate ghosting, built-in multiple blanking modes, LED lamp protection and other functions

• Integrated serial decoding circuit
• Integrate 8 power NMOS output PIN, on-resistance 100mΩ
• Input open circuit, input locked self-check function, anti-burning power NMOS tube
• Eliminate ghost images on the LED display
• Improve the caterpillar phenomenon caused by the short circuit of LED display lamp beads
• Integrated anti-reverse breakdown voltage regulator circuit for LED lamp beads
• Support maximum continuous current 2.5A
• Single support 1~8 scan
• Maximum power consumption <650mW @ VDD=5V & Ivdd=2.5A
• The anti-shadow potential can be adjusted in 8 levels
• Built-in 2 kinds of shadow mode
• Package: SOP16/QFN16