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As a new generation of LED controller, Colorlight C3 Player can control LED screen without a computer, it is convenient and cost-efficient. Colorlight C3 Player adopts the industrial components and the embedded operating system, which is small, secure and stable. As a brand new controller application, C3 Player has been widely used in advertising display and digital signage, etc.

·Maximum loading capacity: 655360 pixels;
·Maximum Width: 4096 pixels, Maximum Height: 1536 pixels;
·8G memory, support maximum external 128GB storage;
·Edit contents by LED VISION, support program schedule, multiple programs play ;
·Support content publishing to U disc by LED VISION, U disc plug-and-play;
·Support program page multi-window arrangement, freely set the window size and position, and support window overlapping;
·Rich media formats such as video, image, text, office, clock, weather etc.
·Program management and update through the USB line or fast Ethernet port.

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