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Colorlight C4 Player can connect to the Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight Cloud Server, C4 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screens and multi-services across regions.

· Professional BS structure, can connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G and achieve cloud services cluster management;
·Maximum loading capacity: 655360 pixels; Maximum width: 4096 pixels, maximum height: 1536 pixels, and the size can be set flexibly;
·Build-in storage of 8G, 5G available for users, support play through USB;
·Fully compatible with program management and setup mode under conventional synchronized control system.
·Made all from industrial electronic elements, quality and stability assured;
·Authorized certification, encrypted data channel;
·Multi-level authorization management, programs are published after review;
·Real-time broadcast contents monitoring, immediate feedback on operating status.
·Support U disc plug and play
·Can be configured as WiFi hotspot, support management with smart terminals such as PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.;
·Supporting monitoring of working temperature, humidity and brightness, and automatic adjustment on the screen brightness
·Edit program through LEDVISION, which is fully functional and easy to operation;
·Support multiple play windows, of which size and location can be freely set, and windows overlap supported;
·Support abundant media formats such as picture, video, text, clock, etc.;
·Support multiple programs play.