Daktronic All Sport Pro


0A-1196-0501 is a the main Daktronics All Sport Pro Stand which is part of a larger kit 0A-1196-0511 which includes the cables and remote start/stops.

  • Additional equipment that may be needed:
    • 0A-2125-7000      KIT; ALL SPORT PRO WIRELESS AP W/ IPAD
    • 0A-1110-0152      SCBD RADIO RECEIVER KIT, G6, DOMESTIC, RS232
    • 0A-1403-1002      SHOW CONTROL LAPTOP


The Daktronics All Sport Pro stand had an internal web server that allows you to control games from a laptop or tablet. It has a built in 4 port d-link switch that connects your local network.

Note: When the unit is working it will say “COM1 Receive to Radio Out A—”