Daktronics RC-100 Handheld Wireless Controller (0A-1110-0053)



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The RC-100 uses the 900 Laird AC4490 to control small scoreboards and timing displays. Typically used for baseball and tennis scoring, the device can also score judged diving and rodeo events when connected to an OmniSport 2000 timing console. The handheld unit features a rechargeable Ni-MH battery for 8-10 hours of operation on a full charge.

BA-618 BB-2101* MS-915 FB-824 TI-218 (two-digit, play clock only)
BA-624 BB-2102* MS-918* FB-4005 TI-2003/TI-2203 (two-digit, play clock only)
BA-2010 BB-2105* MS-2002* TI-2010 (two-digit, play clock only)
BA-2017 BB-2106* MS-2006* SOCCER TI-2012 (segment timer)
BA-2515 BB-2116* MS-2013 SO-918 TI-2015/TI-2215 (two-digit, play clock only)
BA-2518 BB-2121* MS-2025 SO-2918 TI-2019 (four-digit, pitch time/TOD only)
BA-2618 BB-2122 MS-2113 TI-2024 (two-digit, play clock only)
BA-2715 BB-2142 MS-3918 TI-2032 (four-digit, pitch time/TOD only)
BA-2718 TI-2101 (four-digit)
TI-2102 (four-digit)
TI-2200 (four-digit)