Hirender S3 Media Server Software


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  • Windows mode
    Set the window position and size in advance, that is, click-to-play, flexible and fast, suitable for live scenes.
  • Timeline mode
    Precise time control, powerful program effects and media arrangement are more suitable for conference applications. It can also be mixed with the window mode.
  • Support large resolution PPT
    PPT can be directly added to Hirender S3 for playback and display, and supports high-resolution PPT.
  • Effect
    Support frame, Gaussian blur, flash screen, color wheel and marquee, providing diversified choices for picture display and effect realization.
  •  Support virtual screen
    Ability to realize complex LED screen construction (any angle rotation, splicing, etc.), providing a convenient way for innovative LED display applications.
  • Slice
    It can realize the segmentation and reorganization of arbitrary polygons, realize LED special-shaped splicing and creative display.
  • Support NDI capture
    Up to 10 channels of 1920*1080 screen capture, extremely low latency and higher definition quality.
  • Support more video consoles and matrix control
    The control instruction of the switchboard can be sent on the timeline to achieve precise synchronization of play and video console switching.
  • Support 4K capture card
    Real-time capture of 4K PPT or video camera.
  • Powerful video decoding and 2D/3D rendering capabilities
    Hirender has a powerful non-linear rendering engine and real-time high-performance 2D/3D graphics rendering, supporting OpenGL and DirectX. It supports almost all current video formats and more than 30 kinds of video codec including sequence frames and can play all of them smoothly.
  • Support for large resolution video
    Support unlimited resolution (4K, 8K) video and image decoding, enabling point-to-point display of any resolution LED display and projector.
  • Humanized operation
    Single server with multi-channel output perfectly combined with humanized unified stage management mode, timeline and window, as well as intuitive operation interface enables zero-based technicians to get started quickly, making flexible display screen layout and freely creative display easy to be implemented
  • Preview mode
    In the preview mode, the edited programs can be viewed in advance on the editing interface without affecting the normal output screen of the software.
  • Lighting library
    The program window is directly connected with the light console, and the effect of the program can be adjusted in real time.
  • Time code
    Support LTC and MTC time code control to realize audio, video and light