Kramer VP-200K 1:2 Computer Graphics Video Distribution Amplifier Splitter – 2 VGA Ports



The VP−200K is a distribution amplifier for computer graphics signals up to and exceeding UXGA. The unit takes one input, provides correct buffering and isolation, and distributes the signal to two identical outputs.

  •  High Bandwidth — 400MHz (–3dB).
  •  HDTV Compatible.
  •  ID Bit Control.
  •  Kr–isp® Advanced Sync Processing — Ensures compatibility with a wide range of computers (even if the sync level is too low) by restoring the sync signal waveform. Kr–isp® advanced sync processing can be enabled or disabled.
  •  EDID PassThru — Passes EDID signal from display to source via output 1.
  •  Selectable Sync Input Impedance — 75Ω (video), 510Ω (Graphics/TTL).
  •  DC Coupling.
  •  3ft 15–pin HD Cable Included.