Macroblock MBI5038 for Traffic Signs [16-Channel] (Error Detection)



16-Channel Constant Current LED Sink Driver with Silent Error Detection and Current Gain

MBI5038 is an enhanced 16-channel constant current LED sink driver with advanced error detection functions and the smart power-saving mode.

MBI5038 provides “compulsory silent error detection”. Once the dedicated command is issued, all of the current output ports will be turned on in about 700ns interval with small current. The image will not be impacted since the turn-on duration and current are so small. MBI5038 may detect all of the current output ports and report the LED error status without comparing original data. Moreover, the settable threshold voltages for short-circuit detection and leakage diagnosis may comply with the variation of different LED forward voltage. Additionally, to ensure the system reliability, MBI5038 is built with thermal error flag to prevent IC from over temperature (160°C).

MBI5038 also features the power saving mode: 0-Power mode. This mode reduces IDD of MBI5038 to 150uA to save the power. For the power saving purposes, MBI5038 is especially designed to save the supply current of LED drivers when most LEDs on LED traffic signs and message signs are usually turned off.

In addition, MBI5038 also allows users to adjust the output current level by setting a programmable configuration code. The code is sent into MBI5038 via the pin SDI. The falling edge of LE would latch the code in the shift register into a built-in 16-bit configuration register, instead of the output latch. The gain code would affect the voltage at the terminal REXT and control the output current regulator. The output current can be adjusted finely by a gain ranging from 12.5% to 200% in 64 steps.

No. of Output Channel: 16
Sustained Output Voltage: 17V
Output Current per Channel: 3~45mA
Output Current Accuracy-between channels: <±1.5% (typ.)
Output Current Accuracy-between ICs: <±1.5% (typ.)

Error Detection: LED Open, LED Short, Leakage
Features: Current Gain, Power Saving Mode
Packages: SOP24, SSOP24, QFN24