Macroblock MBI5251 SRAM Embedded S-PWM



    3.0V-5.5V supply voltage

  • 16 constant current output channels
  • Constant output current range:
    – 2~45mA @ 5V supply voltage
    – 2~30mA @ 3.3V supply voltage

  • Excellent output current accuracy:
    Between channels::<±2.5%(Max.)
    Between ICs: <±3%(Max.)

  • Built-in 4K-bit SRAM to support time-multiplexing for 1 ~ 8 scans
  • 16/15/14/13-bit color depth PWM control to improve visual refresh rate
  • 6-bit current gain,12.5%~100%
  • LED failure isolation
    -LED failure induced cross elimination

  • LED open detection
  • Integrating ghost elimination circuit
  • Intelligent power saving modes
    – Dynamic power saving (when all frame data is zero)
    – Dynamic+ power saving (when displaying dynamic video with various brightness)

  • GCLK multiplier technology
  • Maximum DCLK frequency: 30MHz