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The A8s is a high-end small receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single A8s loads up to 512×384 pixels. Adopting the exclusive Image Booster Engine technology of NovaStar, the A8s can precisely calibrate the color gamut and grayscale of the screen, and improve the grayscale by 64 times. It also supports the pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, individual Gamma adjustment for RGB, low latency, 3D and HDR functions, greatly improving the brightness, grayscale and color performance from every aspect and offering users an ultimate visual experience with a uniform, smooth and lifelike image.

The A8s uses high-density connectors for communication to limit the effects of dust and vibration, resulting in high stability. It supports up to 32 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data (expandable to 128 groups of serial data). Its reserved pins allow for custom functions of users. Thanks to its EMC Class B compliant hardware design, the A8s has improved electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable to various on-site setups that have high requirements.

Image Booster Engine
The Image Booster Engine has the following 3 functions which improve the display effect (the actual effect depends on the driver IC) from different dimensions.
− Color Management: Switch the color gamut of the screen between multiple gamuts to enable more precise colors on the screen.
− Precise Grayscale: Individually correct the 65,536 levels of grayscale (16bit) of the driver IC to fix the display problems at low grayscale conditions, such as brightness spikes, brightness dips, color cast and mottling. This function can also better assist other display technologies, such as 22bit+ and individual Gamma adjustment for RGB, allowing for a smoother and uniform image.
− 22bit+: Improve the LED display grayscale by 64 times to avoid grayscale loss due to low brightness and allow for more details in dark areas and a smoother image.


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