NovaStar MRV570-1 EMC Memory on Module (MOM) Receiving Card



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The MRV570-1 is a versatile receiving card developed by NovaStar, capable of supporting resolutions up to 512×256 at 60Hz. It features advanced functionalities like pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration, ensuring an enhanced display quality and improved user experience.

Using hub connectors for communication, the MRV570-1 boasts exceptional stability. It accommodates up to 20 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data. The device adheres to EMC Class B standards, enhancing electromagnetic compatibility, making it suitable for a broad range of on-site installations.

Key features include:

  • Module Flash Management: Stores calibration coefficients and module information.
  • Pixel-Level Brightness & Chroma Calibration: Ensures precise color and brightness consistency.
  • Image Storage Support: Allows setting a stored image within the receiving card.
  • Configuration Parameter Readback: Facilitates monitoring of configuration parameters.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Tracks the card’s operating temperature.
  • Ethernet Communication Monitoring: Supervises Ethernet cable status.
  • Power Supply Voltage Monitoring: Observes the voltage of the power supply.
  • Monitoring Card Connection Support: Allows for seamless integration with monitoring cards.

Overall, the MRV570-1 is designed to deliver high stability and compatibility for various professional display needs.

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