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This TCC70 has built in WiFi and GPS and 4G. Unfortunately this is the China model with the EC200S-CN antenna so the GPS and 4G won’t work in USA. It still works perfectly as a HUB 75 controller with built in WiFi running on Android to use either ViPlex Express or custom software. Since the 4G is esentially useless on this one, I attached the spec sheet of the TCC70A which is completely without this chip.

The TCC70A, launched by NovaStar is a multimedia player that integrates sending and receiving capabilities. It allows for solution publishing and screen control via various user terminal devices such as PC, mobile phone and tablet. The TCC70A can access the cloud publishing and monitoring platforms to easily enable cross-region clustered management of screens.

The TCC70A comes with eight standard HUB75E connectors for communication and supports up to 16 groups of parallel RGB data. On -site setup , operation and maintenance are all taken into account when the hardware and software of the TCC70A were designed, allowing for an easier setup, more stable operation and more efficient maintenance.

Thanks to its stable and secure integrated design, the TCC70A saves space, simplifies cabling, and is suitable for the applications requiring small loading capacity, such as vehicle-mounted displays, small traffic displays, displays in communities, and lamp-post displays.

Loading capacity of a single card up to 512× 384
− Maximum width: 1280 (1280 1280×128)
− Maximum Height: 512 (384×512)
1 x Stereo audio output
1x USB 2.0 port
for USB playback playback.
1x RS485 connector
Connects to a sensor such as light sensor, or connects to a module to implement corresponding functions.
Powerful processing capability
− 4 core 1.2 GHz processor
− Hardware decoding of 1080p videos
− 1 GB of RAM
− 8 GB of internal storage ( 4 GB available)
All-round control scheme
− Solution publishing and screen control via user terminal devices such as PC, mobile phone and tablet
− Clustered remote solution publishing and screen control
− Clustered remote screen status monitoring

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