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NovaStar V1260 is an All in One product independently developed by Nova Technology, which integrates functions such as video processing, video control and LED screen configuration.
Various types of video signal receiving capabilities, ultra-high-definition full 4K × 2K@60Hz image processing capabilities and sending capabilities.

NovaStar V1260 processed video can be sent to the LED display through the network port and optical fiber port. The V1260 adopts an industrial-grade casing and has powerful video processing and
It can adapt to complex operating environments and is widely used in various large-scale fixed installations such as governments, enterprises and institutions, and military command centers.

  • Has a complete video input interface
    1x HDMI 2.0, 4x DVI, 1x 3G SDI
  • Multiple outputs, large load support
    16 network ports and 4 optical fiber outputs, with load up to 1040
  • Support 3D function.
    3D transmitter EMT200 and matching 3D glasses to realize
    3D display effect. When 3D is enabled, the device output load is halved.
  • Support HDR output
    It can greatly enhance the picture quality of the display screen and make the picture color more real and vivid, the details are clearer.
  • Support personalized image quality scaling
    Support three picture scaling modes, including point-to-point mode, full screen, zoom, custom zoom.
  • Multi-window display support
    5 Arbitrary layout of windows.
  • Support OSD
    − Each scene supports 1 channel of OSD screen
    − A maximum of 8 OSD images can be imported and stored
    − For each OSD picture, the maximum width is 16384 pixels and the maximum is 16384 pixels pixels, and width × height ≤ 1 040W pixels
    − The OSD screen supports top and bottom adjustments
  • Support monitor output screen
    The monitoring content is sent to the monitor display via HDMI.

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