Novastar Taurus T3 Controller



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Main Feature:
2 Ethernet Output Ports: Use the 1st Ethernet output to drive up to 650,000 pixels on a single output, and use the 2nd output for redundancy.

Software: Works with NovaStar ViPlex Express software, or upgrade to our Designer Software.

WiFi AP/Station: Connect directly to the T3 from your computer, or make your T3 join your existing WiFi network.
LAN: Use the LAN port to hard wire directly to your network, or use our Point-to-Point pre-configured antennas.
Optional 4G: A NovaStar 4G Module can be added.

The NovaStar Taurus T3 and all NovaStar controllers can be configured from the NovaStar NovaLCT Software. For more information on configuring visit our page on NovaStar .rcfg / .rcfgx Configuration Files.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

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